Active Project: My Girl
Manhwaga: PAEK Jeong Won (changed spelling Feb 12, 2007)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Status: 5 volumes (complete)
Summary: Jinny is a famous model with gorgeous long hair but little does everyone know that she is actually Ahjin. She has a crush on Dohoon, one of the coolest guys in school. When Ahjin, dressed as Jinny, finds out that she'll be living in the same apartment building as her crush, she's thrilled! But how can she keep her secret from Dohoon, when he himself adores the model Jinny?!

Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-06
Vol. 2 - Chapter 07-12
Vol. 3 - Chapter 14-18
Vol. 4 - Chapter 19-22

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