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Active Project: I Wish...
Manhwaga: SUH Hyun Ju
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Status: 7 volumes (complete)
Summary: This manhwa is about a young woman who after her family dies goes to a magician to wish them back. She ends up becoming his assistant until she makes a wish he can grant. How will she deal with his other costumers? And what about the most prized posession that is the cost of having the wish granted?

Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-07
Vol. 2 - Chapter 01-06
Vol. 3 - Chapter 01-08
Vol. 4 - Chapter 01-07
Vol. 5 - Chapter 01-09
Vol. 6 - Chapter 01

March 26th, 2010 | permalink

Active Project: For the Mermaid Princess
Manhwaga: LEE Mira
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Status: 9 volumes (complete)
Summary: A mixture of off-the-wall family comedy and bittersweet love story, For the Mermaid Princess is the story of a girl with a gentle manhwaga father, a whip-wielding nutjob of a mother, and four older sisters. When her family moves to a new house, Lee Suelbi discovers just how difficult it can be to balance family, friendships, and love.
Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-04
Vol. 2 - Chapter 05-08
Vol. 3 - Chapter 09-11

March 26th, 2010 | permalink

Active Project: Good Fellow
Manhwaga: PAEK Jeong Won
Genre: Romance
Status: 1 volume (complete)
Summary: A collection of 3 stories...
                - The Good Fellow
                - Igniss
                - Byeok-Hwa-Roo

Story 1 -
Story 2 - Released
Story 3 -

March 26th, 2010 | permalink

Active Project: Ciel
Manhwaga: RHIM Ju-Yeon
Genre: Fantasy
Status: 13 volumes (ongoing)
Summary: A bright young girl named Yvien Magnolia escapes her hometown and enrolls in the prestigious Lowood Institution for Witchs and Wizards. Despite her beauty and warmth, she is struggling emotionally. Will she be able to find happiness?

Vol. 1 - Chapter 00-06
Vol. 2 - Chapter 07-13
Vol. 3 - Chapter 14-20

March 26th, 2010 | permalink

Active Project: 36 Degrees Rebellion
Manhwaga: LEE Eun
Genre: Shoujo
Status: 6 volumes (complete)
Summary: About a play-girl goddess from heaven who is stripped of all her 'goddess' powers and reborn as a human. The story progresses as her incarnated character learns to live, love and find what true happiness is all about.

Vol. 1 - Coming soon

April 18th, 2008 | permalink

Active Project: Absolute Witch
Manhwaga: KIM Tae Yeon
Genre: Fantasy
Status: 9 volumes (ongoing)
Summary: The story of Skyla's adventures, growth, and love as a young witch in a world where witches no longer exist.

Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-06 pt3
Vol. 2 - Chapter 07 pt1 - pt4

March 9th, 2008 | permalink

Active Project: Banhonsa
Manhwaga: KIM Tae Yeon
Genre: Fantasy
Status: 7 volumes (complete)
Summary: A series of fairytale-like stories, loosely connected by the ongoing adventures of the enigmatic Hwa Ryungang, a man with strange powers and a connection to the spirit world, and Moohwe, an irrepressible wanderer with a mysterious past.

Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-07 released by corien
Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-07 released by Korean-Manhwa
Vol. 2 - Chapter 08-14
Vol. 3 - Chapter 15-21
Vol. 4 - Chapter 22-27

June 18th, 2007 | permalink

Active Project: My Girl
Manhwaga: PAEK Jeong Won (changed spelling Feb 12, 2007)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Status: 5 volumes (complete)
Summary: Jinny is a famous model with gorgeous long hair but little does everyone know that she is actually Ahjin. She has a crush on Dohoon, one of the coolest guys in school. When Ahjin, dressed as Jinny, finds out that she'll be living in the same apartment building as her crush, she's thrilled! But how can she keep her secret from Dohoon, when he himself adores the model Jinny?!

Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-06
Vol. 2 - Chapter 07-12
Vol. 3 - Chapter 14-18
Vol. 4 - Chapter 19-22

June 18th, 2007 | permalink

Active Project: Vanilla Ice
Manhwaga: KIM Woo Hyun
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Status: 4 volumes (on hiatus)
*NOTE: Series on indefinite hiatus*
Read this post for more info

Summary: Beautiful, delicate Yoon Sul and tall, brawny Taehee are exact opposites, and yet somehow they can't escape each other! Action-packed romantic comedy- with a twist!
Vol. 1 - Chapter 01-05 (ch 3 version 2 released on April 18, 2006)
Vol. 2 - Chapter 06-11
Vol. 3 - Chapter 12-15
Vol. 4 - Chapter 16-21


June 18th, 2007 | permalink

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