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Connecting to IRCHighway using SysReset.

1. Download SysReset Full Installation pack from

2. Run the .exe file, and SysReset will be installed on your C drive by default.

3. Open SysReset from Start menu >> Programs >> SysReset.

4. Click Continue on this window.

5. Fill out all the text fields on Connect window with your information (All information will be shown to the public. You do not have to input your real full name or real email address).

6. On Servers window (Connect>>Server), select IRCHighway from the drop down menu for IRC Network. IRC Server should automatically changed to IRCHighway: Random server.

7. On DCC window (under Category, click DCC), make sure that the option Auto-get file is selected.

8. Click OK button.

9. Click the lightning bolt button to connect to IRCHighway (located on the menu bar)

10. Once you are connected, you need to disable your host mask by typing /mode yournickname -x on the status window and press Enter.

11. Join #korean-manhwa by typing /join #korean-manhwa on the status window and press Enter. Another window (korean-manhwa) should open.

12. To chat, just type something like "Hi. How are you guys doing?" and press Enter.

13. Review Korean-Manhwa channel's rules here

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