1. What is Korean-Manhwa?
    Korean-Manhwa is a non-profit group scanlating soonjung manhwa (Korean comics for girls). This group used to be called Korean-Movies. After angely4200 and other movie staffers left, we decided to change our group name to 'Korean-Manhwa' and focus on scanlations. We are manhwa fans who scanlate for the reading enjoyment of other fans.

2. What is this site for?
    This site exists to inform the public of our new chapter releases.

3. How can I contact the group?
    The best way is to e-mail us at k_manhwa at yahoo dot com.

4. Where can I get your releases?
    You can get them on IRC at #korean-manhwa@irc.irchighway.net or check out the links section. Some websites host our releases.

5. How do I use IRC?
    Check out IRC tutorial here.

6. Why are the releases so slow? Can you release [name of series] chapters faster?
    Sorry, we release chapters as fast we can. We are working as a group and releases depend on many factors. Constant whining and begging does not help, and honestly, it really annoys the staff. If you feel a project is going too slowly, buy the book. If you can't read Korean, learn it!

7. May I host your chapters/zips on my site?
    Yes, you may host our files four days after the release date on IRC. Please e-mail us to let us know the website and what you're planning to host. We only allow the hosting of our scanlations as zip files, not as pictures (or image scans) in online photo albums (such as photobucket).

8. May I use your scans for translation into another language?
    No, you may not. There are reasons we don't allow this. Please respect our decision.

9. I want to help! Are you looking for more group members?
    For information about joining us, click this link.

10. Can you translate [name of series] please?
      It depends. Our group only scanlates soonjung manhwas at this time. If you can provide high quality scans, we might consider scanlating it (we prefer it to be fewer than 10 volumes). Please check Manga Updates to make sure the series hasn't already been picked up by another group. E-mail us high-quality sample pages along with a summary or description of the series. We'll e-mail you after we review it. If you are requesting we do a Japanese manga that has been translated into Korean, then the answer will be no.

11. What is your website address?
      korean-manhwa.cjb.net or koreanmanhwa.free.fr

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