#Korean-Manhwa Rules
Rules for #Korean-Manhwa@irc.irchighway.net

#1 Silent fservs only with !list.

#2 No @find (bannable offence).

#3 Do not spam (bannable offence).

#4 Do not advertise for other channels.

#5 Do not use clones (only ops may use clones, if caught, you will be banned)

   **Those serving may have one clone. Keep in mind they are for the purpose of u/l, not d/l's**

#6 Do NOT harrass Ops for releases or keep asking about releases, we're working hard so bear with us.
#7 Be courteous.

#8 Do not asked to be voiced. You can try !voiceme, but not all ops have the !voiceme script. Be patient, sooner or later you'll get voiced.

#9 Please do not thank ops for voicing you. While we appreciate the thought, it needlessly triggers our nick alerts and is rather annoying.

.::.Please be sure to stick to the rules, or risk being banned indefinitely.::.

***We will try to issue warnings if rules are broken, but keep in mind...it is our prerogative***

June 19th, 2007 | permalink